The Polo Handicap


By Alex Webbe Although polo can be played and enjoyed at all levels, it is a difficult game to play well; three or four years are usually required before reasonable proficiency can be achieved. After the basics of horsemanship have been learned, the fundamentals of ball control and hitting at speed must be mastered. […]

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Polo Anyone?  By Alex Webbe  Imagine a ball hit so hard that it is coming at you at a speed of 110 miles per hour!  The ball is moving so fast you can hardly see it.  Your job is to stay at a gallop, get your horse in line with this flash of white […]

Types of Polo: Grass, Arena, Snow and Beach Polo

Miami Beach Polo.

Types of Polo: Grass, Arena, Snow and Beach Polo by Grass polo is the most common type of polo played around the world.  There are a large number of grass polo clubs in the United States that offer seasonal polo to players and spectators.  Many grass clubs also offer arena polo. Snow and beach […]

Polo Players and Polo Teams

A polo team has four players.

Polo Teams and the Positions of the Players by Alex Webbe  One of the oldest team sports in the world, polo can be confusing to the uninitiated, and confusing to watch without a basic understanding of the positions and responsibilities of the players. A polo team is made up of four players.  The players […]

About Polo Horses


ALL ABOUT POLO PONIES by Alex Webbe Although the name “polo pony” has become a misnomer over the years, the original American polo mount was limited to 14.2 hands in height by rules and was developed from the tough cutting horses of the western cowboy. Now, selected from some of the top thoroughbreds in the […]

History of Polo

Images of polo in persian art.

A Short History of Polo By Alex Webbe The sport of polo is believed to have emerged from ancient Persia.  Historians have traced the origins of polo back over 2,500 years ago. Polo was originally used as a training exercise for the cavalry.  The Moguls have been credited with taking the game from Persia to […]

Polo Equipment Glossary

Polo Terms Glossary

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