The Polo Handicap


By Alex Webbe Although polo can be played and enjoyed at all levels, it is a difficult game to play well; three or four years are usually required before reasonable proficiency can be achieved. After the basics of horsemanship have been learned, the fundamentals of ball control and hitting at speed must be mastered. […]

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Polo Anyone?  By Alex Webbe  Imagine a ball hit so hard that it is coming at you at a speed of 110 miles per hour!  The ball is moving so fast you can hardly see it.  Your job is to stay at a gallop, get your horse in line with this flash of white […]

My first polo clinic

I am on the right, riding Oakdale Polo Club mare Jojo.  On the left is teammate Fiona McBride-Lumen riding gelding Red.

The Pony Club Perspective by Kate Webb Some people ride pony club; some ride polo.  I do both.  My name is Katie Webb, and I’m a C-1 rated member of Bear Creek Pony Club, from the Middle California region.  I’m 18 years old and I have been riding horses since I was nine.  My favorite […]

What is Arena Polo?

The arena at Empire Polo Club.

Arena Polo By Alex Webbe Arena Polo is played with three players per team in an enclosure that measures approximately 100 yards in length and 50 yards in width. Walls are suggested to be no less than 4’ in height. A regulation game consists of four chukkers/periods of seven and one-half minutes each. Riders change […]

Polo University Grand Opening Summer 2011

Polo University at High Meadow Farm.

“Polo University’s” Grand Opening New Website Mukwonago, WI Tom Goodspeed has just announced the launch of and the “Grand Opening “of his private polo training center, Polo University (Polo U) in Mukwonago, Wisconsin the summer of 2011. Polo University’s summer location is operating out of High Meadow Farm (HMF). HMF is 33 breathtaking […]

Watch Polo In Palm Springs Area @ Empire Polo Club


Empire Polo Club Offers Sunday Polo Jan. 9th March 27th, 2011 Public Welcome Empire Polo Club features Polo games open to the public every Sunday through March 27th.  Our Sunday games are at 12 & 2 PM.  A complimentary champagne divot stomp, hosted by Korbel California Champagne, is scheduled during halftime of the 2 […]

15 Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask About Polo

Red boards run along both sides of the field to help keep the ball in play.

Why Are They Called Polo Ponies? By Alex Webbe   A group of reporters covering the Duchess of York’s visit to Palm Beach Polo and Country Club earlier this year were passing the time in the press tent discussing the game of polo.  Most had never seen a polo match before and were curious about […]

New Polo School Opens at Empire Polo Club (Palm Springs Area in Indio, CA)


Learn To Play Polo Empire Polo School offers lesson programs for all levels of play.  We have group and private lesson formats for adults and junior riders.  From the beginner to the more advanced student, the Empire Polo Club offers a variety of classes and clinics to accommodate all skill levels. Our Polo School has […]

Polo misconceptions


Ever since taking up polo, a lot of people (including my friends) have made comments along the lines of: Wow, polo is too rich for my blood, Do you have money to burn?, and Polo is only for arrogant, stuck-up people. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this sport of kings (ha, and with […]

Two Hunter/Jumper Riders Learn To Play Polo


Video Interview of three interscholastic polo players. View a short video about interscholastic polo and how three female players got started in polo. They used to show hunter/jumpers and they got hooked on polo when a friend introduced them to the sport.   The video talks about their daily schedule, interscholastic polo tournaments and their […]